Web app development

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with industry standards on both libraries and security. We'll help you construct your project be it as complex as a social marketplace or as simple as a gallery.

twitch integrationS

Unique experiences and features on Twitch increase viewer interaction, longevity, and retention. Whether it be a simple bot or a plug-in for your stream, we can help give you a leg up against other streamers and keep your viewers coming back.

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Minecraft development

Minecraft, an open world PC game selling over 100 million copies, boasts a robust and mod-able multiplayer mode with tons of possibilities. Our Java Developers can take your project, regardless of scale.


PIXEL ART Asset design

Resource packs, items, textures, or anything you need: Pixel art will give your project a unique look and feel to stand you apart from the others. Contact us for examples of previous work.



BUILDS & MAp Design

We can offer builds and map development for almost any budget. Builds are completed quickly and efficiently and can be covered under the same payment options our development services go for.


CubedPay, the first product of Melon Development, speeds up the average in-game checkout speed by more then 10x and provides powerful insights into your customers.