Server Management

Uptime and stability are two crucial elements involved with running a game server, and even the smallest dip in performance will be noticed by your players. Sadly, many users do not have the means or ability to ensure their server stays online and error free.

That's where we step in.

  • Performance Monitoring - We can catch misbehaving software and can advise you on solutions to correct it. If you're working with us for development, we'll correct the issue immediately without your involvement
  • Software Stability Monitoring - We'll let you know about exceptions and problems that occur on your server frequently and advise you on how to correct them. If you're working with us for development, these issues will be fixed immediately without your involvement
  • Uptime Guarantee - Under our watch, we'll ensure your services maintain at least 99% uptime against unplanned outages. In the case where downtime does occur, your dedicated account representative will be available to handle the issue.
  • Continuous File Cloning - A copy of your server data is cloned and saved securely off-site, and ready to restore in case of an accident or hardware failure. 30 days of file retention included.
  • Updates and Plugin Maintenance - We cover keeping the software running on your service up to date so you don't have to worry about it, protecting you against known crashes and exploitable problems.
  • NeverSpam and NeverLogin - NeverSpam will protect your game server from spambots, undesired chat activity, and other attempts to brigade a server, while NeverLogin ensures they never return. This plugin combination is exclusive for our customers and offers some of the best moderation tools you can think of. 
  • HyperSpigot - Hyper, inspired by PaperSpigot, will truely unleash your server performance. From advanced features like async packet handling to new APIs for your developers, the upgrade will be beneficial for your project.



Management Basics

Monitoring for misbehaving and poorly performing server software. Plugins and other requested software kept automatically up to date.


Management Plus

Everything from Management Basics plus Continuous File Cloning and LICENSES to NeverSpam and NeverLogin.


Management 24/7

Everything from Management Plus and Management Basics plus our uptime guarentee AND LICENSES FOR HYPERSPIGOT.


Quick Tune-Up

Contact us for a one-off tune up and performance boost.


Get massive discounts when you combine a server management subscription with another Melon Development service, such as a custom plugin or build.

Melon Development partners enjoy benefits such as discounted management costs and priority in our work queue.

HyperSpigot is an absolute must-have for any project wanting to push the limits of their server. Included in Management 24/7, learn more details here.