We work with clients of all sizes and can adjust our services to meet most budgets, to do this, we offer a handful of pricing options that can meet almost anyone's needs.



Quickest Turnaround

50/50 is our most popular option and it's available for almost all of our services. With 50/50, you pay for half the project estimate up front to add your project to our work queue. Then once your project is completed you pay the remaining half.

Pricing is simple and straightforward. There are no additional fees unless significant changes or adjustments are requested for your project.


Development at your Pace

Milestone pricing is very similar to our 50/50 agreement. Under Milestone, we divide up your project into manageable sub-goals that are split up throughout the development cycle. With milestone payments, we only work up to your budget, so there are no unexpected due dates, invoices, or additional costs.

Due to the nature of the Milestone option, we cannot guarantee final project deadlines as each section of your project is considered its own order, and added to our queue as payments are made.

Revenue Share

No upfront costs.

With Revenue Share, we are choosing to take a risk on your idea in exchange for making back our costs when your project goes to production. Revenue Share projects have the highest priority among our projects and can be applied to any development project or build.

Revenue share rates vary from project to project, so it's important to contact us if you're interested.

The revenue share option is only available to Melon Development Partners and availability is subject to our approval based on your project concept and monetization plan. We reserve the right to not offer Revenue Share to any client for any reason. Learn more about being a partner...