Partnership Looks Good on You

Every once and a while, a truly industry leading idea come along. Blocking your idea from the public eye is the lack of a trained team, funding, promotion, infrastructure, and fantastic puns.

Enter the Melon Development Partner Program!

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What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program allows those with incredible ideas to be paired with an incredible team. It's match-making magic. Projects under our program gain access to exclusive financing options, discounts, real time communication, and many other great benefits.

Who is the Partner Program for?

The Partner Program is designed for content creators who already have an established brand or community who want support with their development or design needs. We make exceptions, though, so if you think you'd fit in it never hurts to apply!

What are the benefits of the Partner Program?

  • Exclusive Financing Options. Partners have access to custom pricing agreements, including revenue-share options.
  • Priority Order Queue. Your orders receive VIP-treatment are are bumped to the front of the line.
  • Private Slack Channel. You get your very own channel in our private company Slack. It's almost like you have your own office in our virtual workspace.
  • Early access to new services. Gain access to new services before we roll them out to the public!
  • CubedPay Discounts. You'll receive discounted rates on any of our CubedPay plans for the webstore associated with your project!
  • Much much more! There are some things that are better discovering first-hand.

Think you'll be a good fit? Let's get started.