Draw for Melon Development

Melon Development provides premium art services for top creators in the gaming industry. One of our most popular services and orders is for our graphic design services. We make ordering artwork a professional, easy, and quick experience for every client. We do all the work of billing, acquisition, and retention - you just draw. Simple, right?

Here's why working with us is sweet:



What you charge for your work is entirely up to you. Melon Development just adds a fee on top of orders we process to cover our costs. What you ask for is what you get paid.



Once customers place an order, they'll automatically be contacted by us with a confirmed delivery date and a link to track their artwork. Payment is always up front, so there is never a concern about billing.



Each artist on the team gets their own profile page that we keep up to date with orders as they complete them. Clients can add any of your work to their cart in one-click.

A premium shopping experience: for you, and clients.

Prices are up front and easy to see, delivery speed can be customized, and customers can track orders without a hiccup.

Still not convinced?

We're the agent for some of the most well known artists in the space. Check out their portfolios and social media:


Kyle Bauske



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