CubedPay by Melon Development

Welcome to the future of in-server payments. With CubedPay, you can process payments within your game servers in seconds, and your players receive their items almost instantly.


Checkout in seconds

Players shouldn't have to enter billing information with every checkout, and they shouldn't need to constantly be redirected to 3rd party providers.

CubedPay remembers player payment details between servers, making checkout a snap.


Adding packages only takes a few lines of code. We'll send details to your server in near-realtime as payments are completed, refunded, or disputed.

Integrating new packages requires no webstore setup.




Payment methods provided by players are tokenized before being stored on CubedPay servers. We never share player details with webstores, and only tell them when a payment is approved.

No PCI compliance is required on your behalf.


There's a whole lot more...

  • Customized Statistics let you query your analytics with custom parameters
  • CubedPay Accounts power our easy checkout
  • CubedPay Disputes act as the first line of defense in protecting you from chargebacks
  • API First. Our control panel uses the same API that you have access to. You can do almost anything you can do from CubedPay online from your code.
  • Coupons and Sales to drive revenue
  • Package Gifting without the risk of chargeback abuse on other players
  • In-Server Payments allow you to begin the checkout process in-game, and only require the player to authorize the payment on a single webpage
  • Near-Instant Package Delivery because nobody wants to wait 15 minutes for their items
  • CubedPay Insights provide advanced analytics and habit details on your customers
  • Cloud hosted which means 99% uptime
  • Expiring Packages and Subscriptions for those things players can have for a little while
  • Native Fraud Prevention to lower your chances of getting a chargeback
  • Taxes & Custom Fee Support
  • Custom Storefront with CSS and Modules
  • ... And so much more

The Checkout Flow



Call the CubedPay charge API to generate the user their unique URL and have it sent to them. The user clicks PAY NOW in their chat. Payments happen on one webpage.



Returning users just enter their password and choose their payment method. New users are given an account automatically to make repeat purchases easy.


We check the player's dispute history, information, and any red flags using industry standards before completing the payment. This all happens behind the scenes!


That's it. The player gets their purchased goods almost immediately, and you get paid right away. No delays, no waiting for anything to refresh.


CubedPay enters Private Beta in early 2018.

We'll be selecting a group of servers and communities to be the founding members of the CubedPay platform. We ask that only established communities or those capable of integrating the platform apply.

We're so excited to show you what we've been working on.


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